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Paul's Chart Collecting Story; I recieved classic percussion training. My parents paid for 15 years of private lessons. and played in my School Band Music program from 6th grade to 12th grade. I performed in many groups including The Grand Rapids Youth Symphony, The Grand Rapids Symphony Orchestra and taught private lesson, for 10 years. Then I became interested in rock drumming and formed and toured with my own band called "The Chromatics" for about 20 years until it ended with the departure of a key person that I did not have the ambition to replace. After a few years off I joined a community concert band called The Grand Rapids Symponic Band. While in that band, some of us got together and formed The Grand River Big Band. I served as drummer for that and other Big Bands. During this time I discovered and learned to love old songs.

After my brother, Dan Sherwood, showed me how e-bay worked the first word that I typed into the search field was "arrangement". I bought thousands of them on ebay. I aquired one thousand from the estate of a deceased band leader in Detroit named Dan Sewiski, another four thousand from Washington DC band leader Doc Scantlin. More than fourteen thousand arrangements later here I am and here is my library. The list is pretty large and I will keep adding to it. You can search my list by typing "ctrl" F.

There are arrangements for big band, swing orchestra, stage band, combo and small orchestras ranging from 1900 to present times. I have, also, collected recordings by other bands of these tunes. We have played and recorded almost 2,000 of them with my small orchestra, The Rhythm Section Jazz Band and with my TRS Big Band.

I was born in 1955, so, most of these songs were from before my time. It has been a journey of musical discovery as I listened to each tune (that I could find) and learned about the history of jazz and popular music as existed during that era. It is a great honor to "work with" these gifted arrangers, many of whom are dead. The songwriters are great, but the arranger puts it together for that band. Included are Fletcher Henderson, Horace Henderson, Spud Murphy, Lou Halmy, Don Redman, Joe Glover, Dave Wolpe, Earl Holt, Sammy Nestico, Fud Livingston, Will Hudson, Jack Mason, Frank Skinner, Jimmy Dale, Fred VanEps, Jimmy Lally, Larry Clinton, Larry Wagner, Frank Mantooth, Glenn Osser, David Drubeck, Frank Metis, Walter Paul, Bob Lowden, Jerry Gray, Louis Katzman, Archie Bleyer, Arthur Lange, Ken Macomber, Johnny Warrington, Bill Oliver, George Snowhill, Roger Holmes, Lennie Hiehaus, Art McKay, Hawley Ades, Johnny Sterling, Sid Phillips, Buck Ram, W.C. Polla, Marty Paich, Bob Haring, Van Alexander, and Teddy Black, just to name a few. I hope to help introduce others to these wonderful arrangements, keep this music alive and to help other band leaders expand their repertoire. It has been a huge and expensive undertaking to acquire, organize and catalog these arrangements. Thank you to everyone that has helped me with this archive.
Featured Arrangement: Alexander's Ragtime Band, arr. Archie Bleyer


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Answer: I need your help filling them. Most of these arrangements are out of print and the replacements can only come from other libraries. Please contact me if you can fill any of my missing parts or mail them to the address below.

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Answer: I would like to play each one of them.

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Answer: You can search the database by pressing the "ctrl" key plus the "F" key.

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Answer: try ebay or Contact me. paulsherwood@grar.com


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